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Over 15 years of making beautiful polished concrete in the South East Queensland.


We offer polished concrete floors around Brisbane, Gold Coast & Northern Rivers Region of NSW.

Polished concrete floors are a perfect choice for residential, commercial & industrial flooring. In high-visibility, high-traffic commercial spaces, such as retail stores, restaurants and salons, concrete floors are an ideal alternative to wood, vinyl tile and carpet. Not only can they withstand more abuse than other flooring materials, they can also be customised in a way other floors can not. No surface in a building takes more abuse than the floor. This is especially true in industrial settings. Whether it be a warehouse, production facility or in an institutional setting, we can install a polished concrete floor or epoxy flooring system that will perform and outlast any other flooring solution. Contact us to discuss the best polished concrete floors or epoxy flooring installation requirements and organise an obligation free quote around Brisbane.

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Polished Concrete Floors:

Polished Concrete Floor Systems are fast, economical, durable and easy to apply systems for polished concrete, without the use of coatings. Thanks to technical advancements and development in machines,diamonds and chemicals, it is now possible to change standard concrete floors into hygienic, traffic and wear resistant, beautiful polished floors that are easy to maintain. Due to the high performance of our Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) System, polishing and grinding of concrete is becoming more desirable in comparison to other floor coatings and coverings.

Characteristics of a polished concrete floors:

  • Achieve a surface finish similar to terrazzo or marble
  • Increased abrasion and impact resistance
  • Up to 8 times more resistant to wear via foot-traffic
  • Eliminates marking and damage to the surface via heavy machinery such as forklifts
  • Completely flat and smooth surface finish
  • Hygienic with no VOC emissions
  • Recreate a traditional looking polished floors with a modern process
  • The Longest-Lasting Floor Solution Available
  • Ecologic/environmentally friendly
  • Polished Concrete Cost is very effective vs other flooring options

We recommend the use of polished floors in a variety of applications that require a heavy traffic resistant, clean and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions.

This may include warehouses, shops, supermarket, restaurants, garages, houses, showrooms, liquor stores and more.

We are the experts in polished walls and can polish BBQ'S, Fireplace surrounds, Bench Seats, Columns, Walls in-situ or Tilt panel or nearly any shaped concrete surface!

We have great rates, guaranteed quality work, and licenced & insured professionals.

We have smaller concrete grinding machines for domestic work. As well as larger machines designed for larger polished concrete floors & floor preparation jobs.

Diamond Grinding Floor Preparation:

Uplift Floor Coverings

We uplift all existing vinyl, direct stick carpet, ceramic & porcelain tiles, cork and timber flooring removal.

We can remove vinyl, vinyl tiles, carpet, ceramic tiles and any glue or coatings the easy way.


Concrete Sub-Floor Preparation
We also grind tile glue & do carpet glue removal, epoxy removal, remove high spots, diamond grind rain affected concrete slabs and can level a slab ready for new floor coverings.

Uplifting Activities

Here at Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane we make customisation possible as we make any required changes and configurations before the flooring is installed. Before a floor is polished, we uplift any direct stick carpeting, vinyl, porcelain and ceramic tiles,timber or cork flooring. With us managing the whole process it makes the polished concrete floor cost very attractive.

Floor preparation

We can prepare the sub-floor before the new flooring is installed and make sure the floor is levelled for the installation.

MPC Polished Concrete

Servicing Brisbane , Gold Coast & NSW Northern Rivers Region

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